Good evening to all of you wonderful people out there! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Valentine celebration today with your sweetheart! I got to spend some good time with my incredible girlfriend this past weekend at the Duke Wind Symphony’s Annual Viennese Ball! We started the evening with some free dance lessons learning the Viennese Waltz and the Polka dances. The night continued with live music from the Waltz Orchestra and Polka Band with more dance instruction in between sets of the ensembles. My girlfriend and I got to dance to some waltzes and it was exuberant! She had never ballroom danced before but she picked it up really quick! I was impressed and honored to dance with her! I was the director of the Polka Band so we didn’t get to dance to some polka music…obviously. Haha! We had a great turn out and everyone’s hard-work paid dividends! Got some good photos of the “Quality over Quantity Polka Band!!” We were small but we packed a punch! Don’t let the size fool ya! Haha!

Valentine’s Day was today, Tuesday, which was not the best day to do anything to celebrate. My girlfriend and I both work in an elementary school plus have classes on top of that so we already knew we’d have to wait. But this weekend I want to take her out and feed her! haha! Problem is picking the restaurant! So many good places! But just because we couldn’t go out to eat doesn’t mean we didn’t do ANYTHING. We traded little simple gifts with each other. We both made each other cards and I have literally read the one she got me more than she would think necessary! haha! It’s so awesome! The students from our classrooms both had parties and we talked about those and how adorable the children were passing out their valentines.

I had a great blessed day! Blessed to be alive another day, blessed to be with someone so special, blessed to talk to my parents and other family and wish them a Happy V-Day, and just too blessed to be stressed!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do want to leave you with something. You don’t need a special day to show someone how much you care or how much you love them. Show them this everyday! Why not? What would be the hold up? And do it without looking for something in return. Do it from the deep, sincere kindness of your heart. Even if the other person doesn’t come right out and say it the way you think they should, or doesn’t say it at all, trust me, they appreciate it. Little acts of kindness and/or generosity can have a lasting impact that you could never imagine.

May God Bless You and Keep You!