Program Notes from the World Premiere Performance.

DeShaun King, flute; Nancy Whelan, piano

Who would have known that Dreams and Reflections, an idea that was created during a 2 a.m. sleep-deprived conversation between DeShaun King and myself, would aspire to something so significant? It’s been an honor and a pleasure to get to know my dear friend Mr. King and to witness his development as a musician and most importantly, as a gentleman.

Dreams and Reflections depicts possible images, thoughts, and sensations people experience while asleep and how they ponder on their fantasies after they awake. It takes us a minute to realize we are dreaming and once we do, it is intriguing (sometimes frightening) how quick a dream can escalate. The lyrical melody is displayed throughout the first movement between the flute and piano. Though smooth, the chord progression makes the feeling ambiguous. After returning to a suspenseful stretch, one question that this music doesn’t answer: when does the dream stop?

In the last movement the new melody utilizes the pentatonic scale but in certain spots, there are hints back to the melody from the first movement. Not only does this movement reflect off the first movement, it reflects off itself.