Good Morning Beautiful People!

It’s FriYAY! I’m sure many of you are looking forward to the weekend. I know I am! The football team is playing their last home game of the season against the Hill School. I’m excited to see the guys compete.

If you would like to go right to the She Kills Monsters Soundtrack, then click on that link. If not, read on!

This school year has been off to a solid start. I’ve got a great group of students in our Chorale Fam and Jazz Band. I also have an excellent group of 8 young men that are my advisees!

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This past summer, I had the pleasure of working on music with the talented Sabrina Skaggs. I’ve gotten to teach her in both my Mixing Music I and Mixing Music II classes. In those courses, she created some awesome remixes and original works, navigating through Garageband and Logic Pro X.

Near the end of the 2018 Spring term, I was approached by Kelly Dowling, our Assistant Director of the Burgin Center, Production Manager, and Fine Arts Faculty, about composing music for the play that she and fellow faculty member Matt Maurer were going to direct in Fall 2018 called She Kills Monsters, a contemporary comedic play by Qui Nguyen. It’s a piece about two sisters that is set in the 90’s and it shifts back and forth between the real world and the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Kelly was wondering what student would be up for that challenge. The first name that popped into both of our minds was Sabrina Skaggs (I call her Bri Bri). I asked Sabrina about it and she accepted the project with much enthusiasm.

So from the summer to basically until a week before the show, Bri Bri and I were discussing, composing, and mixing this music. We collaborated via phone and video chat over the summer since we were apart, and then in person when the school year started. In this soundtrack, she developed an excellent overall theme for the show and creative melodic motifs that you’ll hear displayed throughout. I am very proud of her accomplishment! This was a big step for me personally because this was the first time I’ve worked with a student on a major project like this!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:

Original Music for She Kills Monsters by Sabrina Skaggs and Bryan Morgan


Hard At Work with Bri Bri!

May God Bless You and Keep You!