World Premiere Performance April 22nd, 2017

Notes from the Program:
“Via Lucis” (Way of Light) is a simple piece with a simple message: LOVE.

We should care for one another and appreciate our differences. This piece is “home-grown” as it is composed by faculty member Bryan Morgan and 11th grade student Kate Frimet. “Via Lucis” is also the first composition that all three core music groups will perform together on stage, which is great symbolism for the message the music sends. For those interested, the words are under the SoundCloud box!

Rambling paths with full hearts

And loud swelling cheers


No matter who we are

Or how we disagree

Look out for each other and care


So let’s be kind, be loving, be open to

All the differences we hold within our minds and share

Love reaches across what separates our lives

And strengthens our ties as one


Memories and dreams

Gathered over years


We should be there for all of the cheers

And reach out through all of our tears

Reach out and tell someone that they matter