Good Morning Beautiful People!

I hope this post finds you doing well! Here I am with my next post and I didn’t wait until a year passed this time!

If you would like to go right to Miss Frimet’s and my new piece, click here! If not, read on!

So as of June 7th at 11:46am, I finished my first year at Mercersburg! It was quite a fun, frustrating, growing, and telling experience! If you follow me on Instagram, you can get a glimpse of my crazy and inspirational year through some of the pictures I posted a little under two months ago.

I have many responsibilities. I direct the Chorale, I direct the Jazz Band, I assist with the Concert Band, and I teach Digital Music. I am also a dorm parent, an advisor for 6-8 of the boys in the dorm I’m associated with, an assistant football coach during the fall term, and an athletic development coordinator during the winter term.

Here are some more pictures of my time at the Burg!

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These pictures only scratch the tip of the iceberg! I enjoy and appreciate the students and my colleagues!

If I were to tell every story I could think of from this past school year, I’d be writing until school starts back up in August! But I do have one in particular. Those that I have told, I composed a piece that all of music students premiered in April.

Back in October with all the mess going own around the globe, it was just breaking my heart and I had to respond. The way I usually do is through music. So I had this idea of a tune that was burning in my skull for a good while but I did not know the right words to put down. Well, I went to the Fall Dance Concert in the beginning of November. In one piece, two student dancers performed to a poem written by an 11th grader named Kate Frimet, who sings in the Chorale. My jaw dropped. I was so moved! Then it hit me. The next week I went to Kate and told her that I had a secret project I was working on and I would be honored to have her help. She lit up and graciously agreed to be my partner! So over the next few months, we put our heads together discussing lyrics, expression, and music. When we returned from Spring Break in mid-March, Via Lucis was done!

To back track a little bit, when I first was working on this, I thought of it just being one of my little pieces I put together and record myself singing. Then I thought, “Why don’t I compose something for the Chorale to sing?” Then I thought about adding the Strings Ensemble and finally I came to our next production meeting with the crazy idea of “LET’S HAVE ALL THREE GROUPS PLAY TOGETHER ON STAGE!”

I appreciate my colleagues because they did not automatically shut down my insane idea but rather starting working on how to make it work logistically. We found a way and it worked! I thank them for their tireless efforts!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Via Lucis! Lyrics are under the SoundCloud box! USE HEADPHONES!

May God Bless You and Keep You!

Rambling paths with full hearts

And loud swelling cheers


No matter who we are

Or how we disagree

Look out for each other and care


So let’s be kind, be loving, be open to

All the differences we hold within our minds and share

Love reaches across what separates our lives

And strengthens our ties as one


Memories and dreams

Gathered over years


We should be there for all of the cheers

And reach out through all of our tears

Reach out and tell someone that they matter