Music to me as I am sure to many of us is a great way for me to show people how I am feeling. So my main instrument is the clarinet but I use the piano to help create my compositions. Sometimes I just need to clear my mind, I will sit at the piano for hours and just play what comes to my mind. If someone were to hear it, they could probably get a sense of how I am feeling at that particular moment. My music is always from the heart and mind. I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this spiritual gift He has given me and I use this talent to glorify Him. My inspirations can come from anyone or anything. If I am fortunate to have one of my pieces performed, I make sure to thank those that have inspired me, even though they might not have a clue! I plan to continue to compose music for as long as I live and I want to share it with everyone!

Mass Works

Via Lucis (2017) (Choir, Strings, Concert Band)


She Kills Monsters (2018) (Sabrina Skaggs and Bryan Morgan)

The Fam Bam (2012)

The Devil’s Inferno (2011)

Gestures of AbSter (2010) (string orchestra)

Band/Wind Ensemble

Vibrant, Majestic, Brilliant (2012)

Aaron’s Fanfare (2011)

Chamber/Small Ensembles

Alma Phantasia (2018) (organ)

Dreams and Reflections (2013) (flute and piano)

Feel the Vibes (2012) (marimba, vibraphone, steel pan, bass guitar)

A Very Neece Cello (2011) (cello and piano)

It’s About Us (2011) (alto sax, bass guitar, piano)

Lullaby (2010) (solo piano)

Pannio: Scherzo for Ensemble (2010) (flute, clarinet, horn, piano)

Three Phases for Violin and Harp (2009) (…violin and harp…)

Flutey Pebble (2008) (woodwind quintet)


Your Smile Makes It Hard To Say Goodbye (2016)

Railey’s Lullaby (2014)

Starlight (2014)

For The Children (2012) (feat. Heather Wiese)

Other Works

Dracula – Theme (2020)

Embrace The Storm (2018)

Constellation (2012)

Little Rose (2012)

Mysteries of Space (2012)

Gabriela (2011)

Elaboration (2011)

Pandora (2010)

2KP (2009)