Three Phrases for Violin and Harp – These three pieces are bagatelles, which are short pieces.  This was the first part of my portfolio in my Advanced Composition class. Through each piece, I gradually get faster. I worked with reharmonization through each piece. I concentrated on keys that surrounded the note ‘F’. So the first bagatelle is in G-flat major (F is the seventh), the second in E-flat major (F is the second), and the third in F minor (F is the tonic).

In the first bagatelle, I really take my time getting into the piece with unison notes played by the harp, then the violin imitating the same phrase and then both instruments together with the violin using some passing tones. Finally, harp begins with an arpeggiatic accompaniment with the melody of the piece. Later, it goes into a mesmerizing waltz style. At the end, the violin goes back to the beginning phrase while the harp harmonizes.

In the second piece, the harp starts off a little quicker with this marcato style that leads to a constant quarter note support of the violin melody. Later, the harp reharmonizes the G that the violin holds. The violin then holds a high B-flat while the harp takes over the melody. Both instruments go into a quick sequence before the end, where there is a reinsertion of the melody but with smooth chords as background.

The third bagatelle (My advanced composition professor’s favorite), begins with a tremolo violin on F. The harp has the sharp quick melody with the violin shadowing the attacks. The harp hands over the melody to the violin while it gives chords sometimes on the off beats. Then the music grows quiet with a driving build up to the ending blast.

(midi realizations)

Phase I 

Phase II 

Phase III