The Devil’s Inferno – So this piece I also worked on with Professor Kelley over the same summer with A Very Neece Cello. I was asked by the head video director in athletics at the time to compose a short composition for the background music of the highlight video that is shown at Duke Football games right before the team runs out onto the field. I was more than delighted to give it a shot. So I was thinking that the crowd needs to get pumped up like the team, they also need to feel antsy, and have a feeling of uneasiness (sitting on the edge of their seats). So the first thing, I need to bring them in. So I started with a chorale-type texture that introduced the theme. Melodies that I think up are usually pretty catchy and I wanted to make sure this one didn’t disappoint. I built up tension by not resolved a seventh chord before jumping to the ‘Pump-Up’ section. I wanted the audience to a little uneasy. So I decided to write the main section in 5/4 (3+2).  I start off in the low strings and low brass with a percussive drone. The french horn roars with the melody. It then transitions to a trio between trumpets, trombones, and violins. A variant of the melody plays and is harmonized in fourths all the way into a loud grand presence in the piece. In between the two grand events, there is a talk between the high pitched instruments and low pitched instruments. After the next intense moment, there is a sudden calm (calm before the ‘storm’) and then silence. Without warning, the orchestra explodes into a chaotic blast of energy, with the stinger at the end on the off beat.

(midi realization)