Happy Sunday everyone!

First of all, I want to thank all who have been following my blog and listening to my music. I really appreciate the support and please share to whom you believe would enjoy. More and more to come!

Had a great time at church this morning and Pastor Walker gave a great lesson to the people of the entire world. A couple of the best quotes he said today were:

‘I am speaking to everyone in the entire world. If you don’t know Jesus, get to know Him! He promises to give you joy and eternal life. Who can give you something better than that?’

‘Anything (or anyone) that pushes you further away from Jesus is not worth it!’

Great verse that supports those quotes is Matthew 16:26. And if you are even a tad bit moved by those two saying, trust me, it was only the tip of the iceberg. VERY powerful message today.

The Fam Bam and I went on a trip up to Chattanooga, TN yesterday to see my younger brother and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Mocs football team during the ‘Meet the Mocs’ day. All of the sports teams of the university were out signing posters, shirts, and other fan paraphernalia! It was great to see the excitement in the air for all sports but most importantly for now, the football season! I cannot wait to watch my broski play some good football. It’s a blessing that I finally get to see him play a good chunk of the season. To this day, I’ve only seen him play 3 times, and one wasn’t even in person. The scenario was always when he was playing, I was playing. But now that I have hung up my equipment, I will be decked out in UTC gear cheering him on!

Music has been pretty steady going on my end. Still working hard on my new flute and piano piece ‘Dreams and Reflections’. I’ve made a lot of gains but it’s been pretty challenging to keep pressing to create something fresh! I just keep leaning on Jesus for strength and vision.

As I’ve said before, in the process of bigger projects, I always have these smaller ideas creep in my mind that I like to write down really quickly. It’s a good change up from working on the same section over and over of the bigger pieces. Well, in less than hour, I laid down a loose draft of a solo piano piece. I’ve decided to dedicate it to the marriage of my best friend and his wife. The idea of composing something for them came to me when a couple of days ago their power went out because the transformer blew and he said they were eating by candlelight. I mentioned to him I should write them something to further set the mood for their spontaneous environmental change. Well I’m not perfect, but I always push to be a man of my word. Because of their situation, I have called it ‘Dinner by Candlelight’ Here’s the recording of the draft/sketch below! Let me know what you think! After I have a complete version of ‘Dreams and Reflections’, I will edit, transcribe, and re-record ‘Dinner by Candlelight’.

May God Bless You and Keep You!