Little Rose – I developed the idea for this small piece in the midst of composing my ‘Theme and Variations’ (actual name tbd). I was talking with one of my good friends Gabriela (who I wrote ‘Gabriela’ for) and ended up talking to her younger sister, Emily, as well. I told Emily I wanted to write a quick piece for her. I’ve only met her sister a couple of times in person but as far as I know she’s just like her sister.

‘Little Rose’ describes the sweetness of Emily’s character and her adorableness but it also reflects that energy she possesses. I put it in the key of ‘E’ for obvious reasons. It sticks to the same progression (whether minor or major) for the most part but purposely, it is kind of all over the place in a way. The reason for that is at the time I’ve only gotten fragments of Em and have yet to fully understand who she is.