Elaboration – The name says it all, except what it consists of obviously. One day I was thinking as I was listening to some of my compositions and playing through some new ideas that I felt like improvising! So I looked at some of my stuff, picked out about 6 or 7 pieces and ideas of new ones, sorted them to see which ones would transition to the next the best, and went to work. I literally had the list of pieces, pushed record on garageband, and played through them until I felt like I was done. I played them in this order (Pannio, It’s About Us, Idea of new piece, Flutey Pebble, another Idea of new piece, Pandora, Lullaby). As I was recording, at first I was thinking I was going to leave it as just piano, but adjusted what I was doing to switching back and fourth to playing with the melody and playing an accompaniment. After I finished the piano track, I picked five other instruments for some of the melodies, press record on each instrument during each desired part and improvised over the improvisation. I think it turned out pretty well. I feel this is a perfect type of piece to relax and clear your head to. Makes me think of those Spa relaxation audio CD’s. Maybe not to that extreme but something like that!