Aaron’s Fanfare (2011) – Program Notes from World Premiere performance by the Duke Wind Symphony:

Aaron’s Fanfare is Bryan Morgan’s first large-scale composition to be premiered (first at Duke). He tributes this piece to Aaron Truitt, one of his best friends. Truitt and Morgan started composing music together around the age of 12. Morgan wanted to thank Truitt for being a great inspiration to his music and an even greater friend. As a musician, what better way is there to say ‘thank you’ than through the great art of music?

In the making of Aaron’s Fanfare, Bryan Morgan used early compositions that either he composed, Truitt composed, or they composed together. The piece is in four themes. It begins with a French horn solo accompanied by the low brass which is Aaron’s Theme (theme A). This phrase melts into a woodwind segment which is a hint of Bryan’s Theme (theme B). When the woodwinds return after another brass interlude of theme A, they introduce a joint theme (theme C) of Morgan and Truitt. Fragments of these themes come in and out throughout the entire piece with a few extended moments on one theme. After the start of what sounds like a ‘dispute’ and a ‘resolution’, the last theme comes into play. This Recollection Theme (theme D) helps picture the memories of Morgan and Truitt’s childhood partnership and shows that Truitt is still and always will be one of Morgan’s great friends. Heading to the end, the ensemble goes into a whirlwind of all the themes mashed together. After one more powerful expression of Aaron’s Theme, the piece concludes with the timpani playing the rhythm of the theme over the rest of the ensemble’s long sonorities.