Good Evening Beautiful People!

I wanted to wish every one of you a Happy Independence Day! Please have a safe weekend celebrating, grilling, traveling, etc. If you’d like to go straight to my new song you can click here to listen! (I strongly suggest using headphones) Follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

I know it’s been since January since the last time I posted on my website. I’ve been busy staying on top of school, music, and work. But I have some time to share with you all again! School is going well. I am just taking it one day at time. I am proud of myself because I’ve been MUCH better at striving to stay ahead of everything so I won’t fall behind. Being aware of that really has paid dividends on the quality of work I’ve been producing. I’m taking a class this summer called ‘Orchestration’, where we learn and discuss different voicing of instruments in the orchestra. We are analyzing different orchestral songs and pieces and discussing certain composers’ style of writing, what instruments pair up well together, which pairings we should stay away from, etc. It is FASCINATING. I’m learning a lot and it is definitely giving me more insight on what I’m doing during my own composing sessions.

Speaking of composition, I have been asked to write a piece for the Chilton County High School Symphonic Band to perform for their 2016 Spring Concert, celebrating the 100th year of the school. I have been diligently working on the piece and I actually had some of the band students play through some different ideas I had, listening to instrumental blending and voice leading. With this piece being performed soon, I’ve had to put it as my #1 priority! So I’ve had to push back the others on my list of Current Projects.

The band students at Clanton Middle and Chilton County High had a great school year. They continue to progress and grow the band program into a magnificent force of power and beauty! From concerts, to Six Flags, to the annual golf tournament, all the way to Peach Parade last weekend, it is evident that the students are understanding more and more what it takes to become successful! Not just in band, but in life itself.

Best picture of the Six Flags trip!

Best picture of the Six Flags trip!

My younger brother Brandon and I practicing our swings!

My younger brother Brandon and I practicing our swings!













Training is going well at the YMCA. When summer began I picked up a good number of new clients since people are coming home from school and others have more time to come into the gym and exercise! I’m getting the chance to work with young athletes and showing them what it takes to be the best you can be physically, emotionally, mentally, and often spiritually. I’m very blessed to have something unique to offer them from my experiences and very blessed just to have the OPPORTUNITY to do so. THANK YOU LORD!

Here's how Mal and Sarah feel about cardio! haha!

Here’s how my co-workers Mal and Sarah feel about cardio! haha!

So as I said in the title, I have a posted a new song! I previewed this song on my Facebook Composer Page back in February on Valentine’s Day! It’s finished now and I’ve decided to share it! I’m not the best singer and of course I could critique this song to very last note (Can you believe I’m self-conscious at times?! haha!). But I will not hide talents that Jesus has blessed me with. I will share them with as many people as possible so that they can see that He shines brightly within me! If you are able, I strongly recommend using headphones. I give you “Starlight”!!