Good morning to all you beautiful people out there!

I hope everyone is doing well this morning (or this evening whatever the case is for you in your part of the world!). I finally have gotten a chance to breathe a little bit in the midst of summer school. I thought of the bright idea to take four classes this summer and it has been pretty beastly! BUT…as I naturally look on the positive sides of situations, I’m getting these classes out of the way! 🙂

Going through my masters program, I’ve been so blessed to connect with some great new friends! In my program, collaboration and cooperative learning is so beneficial and important. There is no competing trying to be better than this person or that person. We are all in this together and help one another become successful! Here are two of my favorite new friends Ashley and Chris:


Who’s the diva? ….of course it’s me!


This is our professor’s favorite selfie haha!













We all bring great attributes and fresh ideas to our weekly discussions about what we read and how we can implement certain tactics in our future classrooms. We lift each other up with encouragement but we also hold each other accountable!

With the onslaught of endless assignments combined with working at the YMCA and helping instruct band camp at Chilton County High School, I have had ZERO time to compose music. And obviously, it’s been breaking my heart. My school papers and books have been pressing my piano keys down more this past month and a half than my own hands! OH THE AGONY! Soon I will be back at it hard! (This will be a post in the near future)

But before I digress, as I often do, I have been able to promote another phase in my life that is important: FITNESS!

I’ve been making videos demonstrating some cool exercises and showing off the hard-work of my clients! This is not just promoting me and my business but it is showing that EVERYONE can be a part of the #fitfam, as one of the popular twitter hashtags states. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should follow me on Twitter and Instagram! I would really appreciate the support! Here’s a picture of one of my clients!


This could be us….but you playin 😉 

Now, today is a very special day for us Americans! As we visit our families at the lake, spend time at the beach with friends, or just enjoy sleeping in at home during a staycation, we must remember how we got this freedom to do so. Military men and women fight for us everyday to continue to provide this freedom we have! Please as easy as it is for us to do, let’s not take this for granted! Say a quick prayer for them and for all of us! If you don’t pray like me, then meditate on these thoughts!

One more thing, if you’re in the Birmingham area and need something to do tonight, come see the UAB Summer Band’s Outdoor Concert at 7pm! Here’s a flyer!


May God Bless You and Keep You!