Good evening to everyone!

Hope this finds you guys having a great hump day! HA, ever since I’ve seen that Geico commercial with the camel walking around the office asking people to guess what day it was, my perspective of Wednesdays has turned for the better! I’m obsessed with that commerical! I work early mornings at the YMCA on Wednesdays (5:30am) and I walk in just happier than….well….A CAMEL ON WEDNESDAY! HAHAHA! I’m sure it drives some folks crazy but I don’t care. If you don’t want happy, friendly energy, then the Hoover YMCA is not for you.

Been pretty busy since the last time I posted. Still working hard at the gym and in music instruction and composition. My clientele has really skyrocketed and I’m very thankful for that! Such a pleasure to be able to help people in their goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle! It’s not rocket science but it’s something you have to be in for the long run. It’s a choice that you make multiple times a day, whether it’s what you eat, when you get to bed, self-motivating to go exercise, etc. If you’re struggling with feeling up to working out, see if it’s possible to find a friend or partner to work out with. That gives you that extra accountability so you won’t be letting your friend down but definitely you won’t be letting yourself down! If you’re part of a gym, try some group classes and see if you make some friends. You never know! 😉

I was fortunate enough to find a day where I could head down to Clanton and help my friend with band. So I get to see all his kiddos, middle school and high school. SO many kids, it’s crazy! It’s hard work but I know he loves it! The marching band show is nearly complete and the band is working very hard! It’s very pleasing to see it all come together. And it’s fun to be apart of the band during football games Friday nights when I can make it!

Composition is still progressing. I’ve had to arrange a couple of tunes here and there for the band and have been drilling this last movement of the flute piece Dreams and Reflections. I’m trying to play with some pentatonic motifs but still having the chord progression in the first movement as the central part so I won’t dwell TOO far from the original idea….but we’ll see as I continue. I am shooting to have it done by the end of the month! Then I have some other pieces to edit and/or finish! (ex: Final version of Dinner by Candlelight) If you haven’t heard my first sketch, take a listen here and let me know what you think!

Had a great rehearsal for Sunday’s praise band! I am one of the lead vocals this Sunday, along with playing piano! haha! If you don’t have a church to go to Sunday and you’re in Hoover, come worship with Living Faith Community at 10am! We meet at Moonlight on the Mountain Cafe! EVERYONE is welcome! Come hear and sing about JESUS!

May God Bless You and Keep You