So I went on my Soundcloud Saturday afternoon and saw that I had reached over 1000 total plays of my music! How exciting! It may be small to you but it’s a big accomplishment to me! Definitely inspiration to keep composing and pressing forward!

Speaking of pressing, I was working at YMCA and was encouraging one of my friends while he was doing some shoulder press. He was getting ready for his last set and he was like ‘Man, I’m tired…’. I just gave him a ‘stop complaining’ look and he said in reference to himself ‘Shut up and Train!’

That little phrase struck a chord in me a little after the fact. ‘Shut up and Train…’ I feel like those words can be used in a lot of parts of my own life. When I start feeling down about finding a job or figuring out school…’Shut up and Call People!’ When I’m trying to write music and I’m listening to contemporary composers, sometimes I start feeling like I’m so far behind and I won’t catch up….’Shut up and Compose!’ I could go on and on but what I have found in my life is that I need to be proactive if I want something to happen. If I just sit around and wait for a ‘sign’ or whatever, nothing is going to change. I have to keep pushing forward. Last thing I need to do is give up! I hope you guys can take something from this little blurb!

One more thing!

I changed the format around on the blog to make it much easier to get around the site. At the top of the home page you can access my music. I combined my recording with their corresponding notes/stories. So everything you need to know about the piece (Instrumentation, Story behind it/program notes, recording) is all in one spot!

May God Bless You and Keep You!