This weekend has been full of celebrations! First of all Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there that truly exemplify what it means to raise their children! A special thanks and love to ma mere or mothair, whichever I call her any particular day, that has shown me to always continue to strive and never settle for least than what you deserve! Also, congratulations to all the Graduates of 2013! May your future endeavors prosper for the better good of the world!

A lot has happened on since I last posted and there are some important items I want to share with you. This is going to be a pretty lengthy post so I will outline it for those that don’t have much time/interest to read this in its entirety. But I encourage every single person to read #4.

1. Performance

2. Recording Studio and soundcloud

3. Twitter

4. Women Across America (IMPORTANT SECTION! 🙂 )

1. I was asked to come back to Durham, NC and perform one of my songs this past Friday, May 9th at the Program in Education Graduation Ceremony in the Nasher Museum on Duke University’s campus! I was so honored to come back as an alumni/guest performer along with my colleague Heather Wiese, who sings like an angel! You will find out soon enough if you don’t already! Before the program and after testing the audio equipment (mics and keyboard) and running through the song for warm up, we were treated to lunch at the Nasher. I believe this was only my second time eating lunch at the museum but let me tell ya: IT IS DELICIOUS!

At the beginning of the ceremony, we were introduced and opened the program with a song I composed, performed with Heather, and dedicated to the Program in Education Class of 2012. As I said before, we were asked to come back and sing it again this year. And we did it even better than last year!

2. The next day, Heather and I went to a professional studio (SoundPure Studios) to have the song recorded for future use in the Education Department. We were SO excited to use these really cool headphones when we were laying down the vocal tracks! It was a fun though frustrating at times experience! The engineers were very personable, professional, and helpful! I have uploaded the song on soundcloud! Please listen and share this song ‘For The Children’

3. On the way to the studio, Heather and I had a good conversation about Twitter. I’d never had a twitter account, let alone been on the website to see what it looked like. To make a long story short, she made some great points about why she had a twitter account. So now…I broke down and made one! If you’re interested, please follow me @BMorganMusic62.

4. One of my special friends Gabriela Gomez and one of her besties Sarah Haas are conducting a service learning project called Women Across America (WAA).

They will begin with a six-week cross-country trip this summer between the dates of June 30th and August 10th. They will intertwine their passions for art and writing in hopes of understanding and developing their female identity as Catholics, artists, and coming-of-age women in America. They will also serve and be in community with women, empowering them with a voice and an outlet for creative expression.

For WAA, they will be creating a travel narrative from the female perspective. They plan to not just document their own experience, but experiences/stories of women they meet on the way. This will be through many venues, including but limited to: video, photos, interview transcripts, sculpture and studio art, poetry, blogging, and list goes on.

The questions driving their journey: What do we share as women in the 21st century? What do we not? What can we learn from each other? How can we find our voice through creative expression? I quote Ms. Gabriela Gomez: “….we’re looking for a link between female empowerment and expression.”

Here is their planned itinerary as of today:

New York NY

Chicago IL

St. Paul MN

Fargo ND 

Seattle WA

San Francisco CA

Los ANgeles CA

San ANtonio TX

New Orleans LA

Atlanta GA

Charlotte NC

New York NY

If anyone is living in one of their stopping points and has any suggestions/connections/input/would like to be interviewed or contribute in any way to their project, please contact them! I know them very well and they are quite exceptional young women. I’ll vouch for them any day!

Now, in order for this trip to be successful, it needs to be funded. Being college kids, as much as most of us know, money is quite scarce. They have a section of their website where you can give donations if your heart pulls you to do so! ANYTHING helps them! Even $5 could pay for one of their meals, who knows?! If it’s heavy on your heart to give a donation, use this link here.

I want their trip to be a success. They are God-driven women and this trip will strengthen their faith and help them become stronger people in life.

Any additional information can be found on their website!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! May God Bless You and Keep You!