Yes yes I know…I haven’t posted on here for months. But I am back and typing away! A lot has happened since I last posted in December that I will go over in detail.

1. Moved back home to Alabama

2. Got a part-time job

3. Applied/Auditioned/Interviewed for graduate school

4. Music

So I moved back to Bama and I’m currently living at home with the ‘rents. It’s nice and definitely a blessing to be home and not have to worry about paying rent or other bills for a while but I do miss my own place. At the same time, I did miss this home-cookin’ WOOOOO!!!! hahahaha! I just cracked myself up. 😛

While at home and not in school, I’m working part-time at the Hoover YMCA as a Health Coach/Personal Trainer. I am really enjoying reconnecting with former high school classmates, meeting new people around the gym, and interacting with and learning new strategies from my co-workers. Plus, I have a free venue right up the street to exercise in. Because I work there, everyone in the household gets free membership so my folks are really appreciative of that!

I applied for MME (Masters in Music Education) at Samford and had my audition/interview this past Saturday. Overall, I felt pretty good with everything. The clarinet professor asked me and another young lady clarinetist if we could join him in his office and work a little more on technique and such. We were like psshh, if this helps us get accepted, we can work as long as you want! But he was impressed with both of us so that was a definitely a win! I’ll keep you all posted on what happens! Just gotta keep prayin’!!

A TON of music is still in the works! Just got word that a few students are graduating early from Voyager Academy so now the Alma Mater needs to be done before May! AAHHH! Lots of work to do but I love it!!

I’ve had a good amount of traffic come through my soundcloud and I am so grateful! I appreciate all that have taken time to listen to what I have in place so far! There’s more to come! If haven’t been on there yet, please look it up here and follow me so you can have updates when I post new music!

So I got approached by a gentleman who is a pastor that used to minister at a local church. He told me about a vision God put in his mind about a multi-cultural church. He felt that one of the best ways to reach out to many cultures for a church was through music and he asked if I wanted to be in the music ministry. Now I am all for bringing all types of people together and I also believe that it should be like that more often. Why separate when all of us Christians believe that God is our Lord and Savior? Plus, gives me a chance to share my gift and talent in music! And playing music for Jesus too?!!! It seems like a win win! So I am in prayer about this potential journey and seeing where God takes this!