Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well today!

So I got an email from one of my music professors talking about a music composition competition. I really wanted to enter this contest but I was sooo busy with student teaching! But I was determined to get something written down! Plus, I had a short window where I would have a chance to get it read-through by the Duke Wind Symphony! So somehow I had to compose something in about 2 weeks…

Well after a bunch of long nights (0 – 3 hrs of sleep) of composing along with finishing up school work, I managed to put a pretty good first draft together! On the last night of rehearsal, the Wind Symphony read through the piece and did really well!!

Here’s the link to soundcloud: Vibrant, Majestic, Brilliant

Hope you enjoy it and comment on any suggestions you may have!! All are welcome!

May God Bless You and Keep You!