Hey ya’ll!

Yesterday was fantastic! Before the Duke football game, my roomie and I went tailgating on campus and ate a ton of food! Then we sat down in the Stadium to watch the Blue Devils drive to victory over Virginia! Well I had to leave a little early to prepare for the concert!

DCP sounded fantastic! The concert was soooo much fun! Von der Heyden was a nice little spot for our small student chamber ensemble. We had a nice turnout of audience for the short concert as well!

They did a phenomenal job on The Fam Bam. I could not be anymore proud nor honored! I am very appreciative of what they did for me and it seemed that they enjoyed it! That’s what’s important to me overall: Did the musicians have fun performing my piece? If they don’t like it, it’s gonna be tough for the audience to like it!

Here’s a link to the recording on SoundCloud. The program notes are on the Archive page as usual!

May God Bless You All! 🙂